Indiana Sports Betting

Bettors in Indiana can finally have a reason to smile, seeing as sports-betting in this state has finally been legalized! Eligible gamblers can indulge in both retail and online at any off track gambling establishments and casinos of their choice. It does not end there; players can enjoy game play on their phones, provided they are in the state’s lines as they do.

Selection of Sports Betting Apps in Indiana:

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The History of Sports Betting & Gambling Laws in Indiana

For a long time in its history, Indiana has taken a relatively conservative stance when it comes to matters betting. However, time has seen the Hoosier State, just like its Mid-western neighbors, follow the trend and transform into an appealing gambling destination. It started with the launching of a lottery that was purely government-run, then the opening of Riverboat Casino.

Soon, Indiana was in tow with leading giants, providing players with numerous gambling opportunities. The final quarter of the twentieth century saw over a dozen states within the US launch commercial betting establishments. Indiana had no choice but to follow suit, boasting tons of betting entities all over the state.

It took the Supreme Court’s huge decision (to lift the ban on extension of betting legalization to other states) for lawmakers in several states to seriously consider the thought of bringing sports-betting in other states to legalization. Shortly afterwards, elected officials brought this plea to a reality when they legalized online sports-betting in off track gambling establishments and other casinos. This came combined with the permission to partner up with up to three sports-books. In May 2019 this legislation was finally signed into law by the government.

There was the paramount need for gambling regulators to step in if this new law was to be adopted seamlessly. They oversaw the licensing of sports-books and setting up of gaming commissions in just but a couple of months. This quick turn-around was a major contributor to the success of this legalizations. Land-based sports books were ready for their first wagers by September 2019, with online platforms following closely behind.

While Indiana has just a few online sports books, it is expected that the number will more than doubled in the new future. However, regulators and other shareholders in the industry continue outdoing themselves in offering support to sports-betting providers. It is their relentless efforts that have placed Indiana’s gaming scene where it is, brushing shoulders with other robust gaming states.

Legality of Sports Betting in Indiana

In Indiana, authorized sports-betting can be enjoyed in a total of eleven land-based casinos and highly regulated and monitored online casinos. This legalization happened recently, just in May 2019, and shortly afterwards got signed into law by Governor E. Holcomb. After a couple of months of going through certification of retail sports books and finalization of regulation reviews, Indiana was ready to take on in-person sport wagering.

The law allows for wagering entities and off-track gambling establishments to launch retail sports books. It also allows for these providers to partner up with three sports books providers, which means that in just a short while, the number of platforms will have grown almost five fold.

Where to Bet on Sports in Indiana

A while back, lawful sports-betting in Indiana, was nothing more than a dream. Thankfully, September 2019 saw this dream unfold into a new reality. Ever since, gambling business has been booming in Hoosier state, with more operators embracing it with spread out arms. Betting venues are in surplus, and all the wagering options you can think of are right there waiting for you to sample them.

Online Sports Betting in Indiana

In Indiana, the law permits close to fifty skins. As such, you can expect to find all your favorite betting apps and sports books here. The leading online operators in this state at the moment are FOX Bet, William Hill, PointsBet, SugarHouse, Caesars, Unibet, Bet365, BetIndiana, The Score and 888Sport.

Indiana Land-Based Sports Betting

Despite its previously conservative nature on matters gambling, Indiana has now fully embraced the new trend, and quite well as such. Currently, there are twelve land-based sports books. Though seemingly small in number, it will shock you to learn that this state boasts one of the hugest per-capita range of brick and mortar betting options as compared to other states.

The physical betting destinations here include Ameristar Casino in East Chicago, Belterra Casino Resort in Florence, Blue Chip Casino in Michigan City, Caesars Southern Indiana in Elizabeth, French Lick Resort Casino in French Lick, Harrah’s Hoosier Park in Anderson, Hollywood Casino in Lawrenceburg, Horseshoe Casino Hammond in Hammond, Indiana Grand Casino in Shelbyville, Rising Star Casino Resort in Rising Sun, Tropicana Evansville in Evansville, Winner’s Circle Race Sports Pub in Shelbyville, among others

Mobile App Indiana Sports Betting

Any eligible player can sign in to an online sports book of their preference in Indiana on their mobile devices, provided they are within the state’s borders. The beauty with Indiana is that bettors do not have to sign up by way of lengthy in-person registration processes; all one needs is a smartphone and internet access! Below are some of the leading sports betting mobile apps in Indiana: DraftKings Sportsbook, FanDuel Sportsbook, BetRivers Sportsbook, BetAmerica and BetMGM.

Factors to consider in choice of sportsbook in Indiana

As seen above, Indiana has a vibrant array of ever-growing online sports books and sports wagering venues. Given this, the biggest challenge is in finding the best platform among the swarm of venues available. To make it easier, we have put together a list of some of the things to consider.


As a serious bettor, you should not only look at a platform’s reputation, but also its regulation and licensing. Be sure that your platform of choice has been tried and tested, having passed all the legal requirements and regulations. This will not only go a long way into helping you avoid gambling-related complications, but also give you peaceful gameplay. Playing at a platform that does not meet these required regulations can see you end upon the wrong side of the law.


In addition to regulation, you need to ensure that the sports-betting platform is highly reliable. This is a good indication that the site is above average. With reliability, you can be sure that all your funds will be accounted for.


An online wagering site is utterly useless if bettors cannot have access to it. Provided there is good internet connection, players need the comfort drawn in knowing that their preferred provider is accessible 24/7


One of the things that comes with a great gambling platform is exemplary customer service. Additionally, the user interface should be friendly enough and the payment options easy, swift and straightforward. The beauty of working with an experienced provider is getting to enjoy seamless game play from beginning to end.


Be sure that your provider of choice is not restrictive in betting options it provides. If it offers bets on money lines, point spreads, totals, futures, parlays and all the like, then it makes a better choice.

Available Betting Sports in Indiana

Indiana has gone in hard when it comes to sports-betting, offering players with professional as well as college sports including hockey, basketball, football and baseball. Players can bet on major events such as: AFL (Aussie Rules Football), Auto Racing, MLB, Minor League Baseball, MLB Draft, NCAA (Division 1), NBA, WNBA, Euro Cop, Euro League, Pro Bowling Tour, World Boxing Association, Cricket, PDC, British Darts, NFL, Canadian Football League, XFL, National Hockey league, International Ice Hockey Federation, Mixed Martial Arts, Rowing, Ultimate Fighting Championship, National Rugby League, International Sailing Federation, UEFA Champion League, FIFA Sanctioned Events, EUROPA League, USL, English Football League, softball and so many more.

Sports Bets in Indiana’s Sports books

When it comes to sports betting in Indiana, you can be sure to find money lines, parlays, point spreads, totals and so many more traditional betting options. In addition to this, you can expect to find new wagering options such as in-play betting. These include but not limited to:


Any avid bettor will attest to the fact that this right here is the simplest betting option to develop mastery on. It is a simple bet placed on the predicted winning team. You can pick out two winning teams, priced at approximately -110 per piece. This means that you will need to invest around $11 in order to earn $10. A risk averse bettor could stake at a confident -500, which means that they bet on $50 hoping to win $10. +500 means placing a bet of $10 hoping to win $50.

In Indiana, all the online sportsbooks base the weight of their games on the strength of the participants, but some of them will add a little sauce by being inclined towards local teams such as Indianapolis Colts and the Indiana Hoosiers. The money line related incentives and bonuses are plenty in Indiana, so be sure to be on the constant lookout for that.

Point Spreads

We all know point spreads as legendary betting options that add a point-value to participating teams, subsequently creating a sort of handicap. The odds are more often than not set around -110. Instead of things going the money line way, a bettor places their wager based on the performance of their preferred team on the handicap. As an example, an underdog can get +10 while the heavy favorite sees -10. If the favorite wins by over ten points, the underdog holding the spreads ultimately wins.

Totals (Over-Under)

Totals , sometimes called over-under wagers, earn bettors money by asking them to pick a choice on whether or not the competing teams’ overall score will end up being lower or higher than the score shown on the sports book. This is quite an engaging kind of betting seeing as players who do not have a strong opinion on either team playing will have a reason to stay on the game from beginning to end.

In-Play/ live betting

As expected, in-play betting is a swiftly growing entrant into the betting options arena. As the name suggests, live wagering allows bettors to place their bets in real time, at any point during the game play. The fact that everything is at the spur of the moment makes this a thrilling, fast-paced and exciting way to bet.

Alternate Point Spreads

A good number of online betting platforms in Indiana allow players to wager on alternative lines to the usual point spreads. If a favorite’s point spread primarily stands at -10, the sports book could alter the initial line to either -15, -20, +15 or +20 for the favorite and underdog respectively.  The catch here is that your pay-out will either increase or decrease depending on the shift that will occur. Essentially, bettors would have to increase their wagering limits, but their ultimate reward is worth the risk.

Alternate Totals

These work almost in the same way as the alternate point-spreads mentioned above. Players can place a higher or lower wager than what the base game offers. The sports book will then adjust the pay-out accordingly.

Player Props

This wagering option is becoming swiftly and increasingly prevalent, and most of the sports books in Hoosier State offer players an array of these player props. If you are betting on a quarterback for instance, you could place a wager on cumulative turnovers, accurately passed yards and many other features of the gameplay. If you are looking at a point-guard on the contrary, a good gamble would be on their accrued assists. Major games such as MLB, NBA and NFL features hundreds of player props for players to choose from.


This a kind of betting that allows for players to bet on all options mentioned above, only that they need to do so in the first half of a given game. Depending on the particular game in question, players can bet on even quarters and other time frames within the game. This goes a long way in giving players thrilling, exciting, engaging and fast-paced wagering, especially if you do not want to stay around all game round.


Parlays can also be referred to as accumulators, and they are yet another staple for most online sportsbooks in Indiana. This basically means combining bets, hoping for all of them to win. If any one of them loses, the bettor will lose the entire bet. If all the bets come to fruition, then the pay-outs will leave you smiling all the way to the bank.

Player Futures

This is a betting option involving individual players in a game. Players can place their wagers on statistical milestones achieved, future teams that they feel the players will play for or even their individual achievements in terms of awards.

Game Props

This betting option is highly inclusive, boasting an array of choices for players to make on their bets. You could consider what team will score a given number of points, or which one will win first. The game play includes a bet on whether or not there will be overtime granted in the game, or even if the scores will end up odd or even. Huge events clinch even more betting options from gaming props.

Team Props

Team props, just like game props are available in Indiana’s sports betting options. Here, instead of considering whether or not all the participating teams’ total bets will get to a certain minimum, players can consider individual teams.


Is online sports-betting allowed in the Hoosier State?

Yes it is! You only need to be in the state at the time of wagering.

Is the Draftkings Sportsbook available in Indiana?

Yes. Bettors have the luxury of using this sports book. As soon as Indiana allowed for sports betting and legalized it, DraftKings launched their online platform.

In Indiana, is it lawful to bet on Bovada?

Unfortunately not. Bovada does not hold a license to offer online sports betting in Indiana.

What is Indiana’s age requirement for bettors?

To bet on your favorite sports in Indiana, you will need to be at least twenty one.

What if I am currently in Indiana, and I don’t live here; can I still bet?

Absolutely! The law requires that players are within the state’s borders. All you need to do is register, make a deposit and get betting. You can proceed to make withdrawals in your own state, but you can place bets here as you wait to go home.

Where can players gamble on sports when in Indiana?

Players in Indiana are welcome to walk into any venue of their choice to wager on their favorite sports. The only thing they need is to be within the state’s borders and have good internet connection.

Who is eligible for application of a Sports Betting Indiana License?

Any sports book is welcome to make the application. They only need to be in partnership with a casino that is land-based and pay the required fee of approximately $100,000.

Are there any sports that players cannot bet on in Indiana?

No! In Hoosier State, there are zero sports that are off limits. The only exception is on wagering on college-player props. This is quite impressive seeing as it is highly inclusive.