DraftKings Indiana

Draftkings Indiana is one of those platforms that just tend to have an upper hand when compared to other providers. DraftKings brings sports bettors the entire package, as opposed to a single betting solution.

It is not a surprise that the sportsbook’s popularity sees it get a head start in states where sports betting is legal. Its success level is majorly due to its impressive experience in Daily Fantasy Sports, coupled with its iconic mobile sports wagering app that focuses on a customer-friendly interface. If you are a new user, you will particularly enjoy the simplified experience. 

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How to Register at DraftKings Indiana

Time needed: 3 minutes.

Registering with DK Indiana is as easy as it can get. Below are a few steps to follow:

  1. Go to DraftKings website

    Visit the website using any link to DraftKings at this site.

  2. Register account

    – Create a username and password to help you with the login
    – Provide personal information such as phone number, valid email, physical address, full name, physical mailing address, and your SSN (Social Security Number- usually the last 4 digits)

  3. Verify account

    Verify your account from the link sent to your email address

  4. Make a deposit

    Select your payment method and fund your account

  5. Start to wager

    Find a game or event to bet on.

What is the sign-up eligibility at DraftKings Indiana?

DraftKings is not so restrictive when it comes to sports wagering. First off, bettors need to be 21. Wagering while outside the state borders is not allowed. Additionally, DraftKings Indiana does not allow betting on e-sports and in-play betting is limited. Data sources are subject to review by the gaming board.

DraftKings Indiana Betting Section

DraftKings Indiana offers players a fantastic selection of betting markets. Let us delve right into further details regarding the sportsbook’s betting section 

Available sports to bet on

  • NBA Betting
  • NFL Betting
  • College Football Betting
  • NHL betting
  • College Basketball Betting
  • MLB betting
  • Golf 
  • Tennis 
  • Combat sports betting
  • Motor Sports
  • Soccer 
  • Table Tennis

Betting Options Available

DraftKings has made efforts to make their betting experience so easy and straightforward. Here is a deeper insight into the main betting options that you can find at DraftKings Indiana.

Point Spreads

A popular option among novices, point spreads are bets in which the sportsbook operator sets a value determining the number of points/ goals or scores by which a given team will defeat the other. The bettors will then place their wagers predicting whether their team of choice will either go over the value given or lose by getting points lower than the pre-set value. Covering the spread means that the favorite will win by going over the set value or the underdog will lose by scoring a value less than what the sportsbook had set.


A money-line bet is a wager in which the player simply predicts the eventual winner. In this wager, the margin of victory is beside the point. The team you bet on to win only has to win.  

Over/ Under (Totals)

Total bets are also highly common. With these, the sportsbook sets a number based on the number of points it feels both teams will combine for. A player then bets on whether the combined total will exceed or fall short of the bookmaker’s posted total.


Just like the name suggests, a futures wager is a bet on an occurrence that is yet to happen. As an example, a future wager could be betting that a given team will win in its league’s championship. Another example is betting that a particular player will achieve a given number of goals during a season.

Proposition Bets

Commonly known as prop wagers, these are bets that are ancillary to a particular sporting event. Their major point of focus is minor events, such as a particular player hitting a home-run in a game or a team being penalized a certain number of times.

In-play Wagers

In-play wagering has really gained popularity in the sports betting scene. Any bet placed once an event or game has already started is referred to as a live bet. DraftKings Indiana makes things a bit more interesting here by breaking down their live betting options into further granular levels. One example of this is betting on the next team to score.

DraftKings Indiana Features

DraftKings Sportsbook has both a browser-based website and a mobile app. Players can enjoy gameplay on their iPhones, Android devices, iPods, Macs, and PCs. DraftKings Indiana attempts to streamline the sports wagering scene in the mobile space. Below are some of the sportsbook’s features. 

The Betting Carousel

Players will notice the betting carousel as a new feature with DraftKings Indiana. There are so many bets that are available with the sportsbook. As such, DraftKings saw it fit to simplify the experience when a player is looking for the bets to place. The betting carousel they have is a personalized suggestion palette that is unique to each account. Here, the application will use a bettor’s wagering history or specific preferences to generate an array of betting options that are highly likely to suit their individual needs. 

Simplicity in Language

Learning a new activity’s lingo is usually the most intimidating thing about it all. Betting, for instance, comes with its own kind of unique language and special jargon. However, as the betting scene becomes diverse and all-encompassing, more bettors from all walks of life are participating. To reach out to them in a way that resonates, DraftKings Indiana has simplified the language used to provide users with crucial information, putting its labels in a manner that is more contextual and functional to its players. For example, DK Indiana uses ‘Who will win’ to refer to their ‘Money-lines’ betting option.  

Variety & Flexibility

DraftKings Indiana features quite an array of betting options. They include traditional methods such as point spreads, futures, and money-lines as well as live-bets, alternate lines, and prop bets. DK has a Cash Out option for each wager placed on its platform. With this feature, a player has the luxury to close his or her bet at any time in an event.

What this means is that if an event is going according to the bettor’s prediction, the player can collect their rewards early, even before the game comes to an end. This way, you avoid the risk of losing your wager in the event of a last-minute loss. While the reward earned is lower, this is a good way to wager, especially if you are more of a risk-averse bettor.

Depositing and withdrawing at DraftKings Indiana

Moving money into and out of your account is so easy with Draftkings. Below are the most common deposit options.

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Direct Bank Transfers
  • DraftKings Play+ Prepaid Card
  • PayPal
  • PayNearMe (CVS/ 7-Eleven/ Family Dollar)
  • Casino Cage in-person deposits

Withdrawals are equally easy, convenient, safe, and straightforward. Below are the available options:

  • Checks
  • PayPal
  • ACH
  • Casino Cage

Players should keep in mind the fact that some withdrawal options such as PayPal are only available if they made the first deposit into the account via the same method.

DraftKings Indiana Support

DraftKings Indiana’s customer experience is quite exemplary. To reach them with your query, you could use their message feature or email them. Alternatively, you could use the live chat option.


Is DraftKings Legal in the state of Indiana?

Yes, it is. DraftKings launched in the state in 2019. Players can either bet on the sportsbook’s site or mobile app version.

Does DraftKings Indiana offer players a deposit bonus?

Yes. Upon successfully registering for an account with them, there is a lucrative 20% deposit bonus up to $1,000.

What is Indiana’s wagering tax rate?

Currently, it stands at 3.23%

Why do most players prefer using PayPal on DraftKings Indiana?

When it comes to ease of use, safety, and convenience, PayPal has it all. Using this banking option, funds can be deposited into your account instantaneously and withdrawn in just a few hours.

Is betting on DraftKings Indiana safe?

Yes, it is. DK has a reputation as one of the safest online wagering platforms in the US and the world at large.

Are there Free-to-Play contests at DraftKings Indiana?

Yes, there are! DraftKings has loads of free DFS contests with some prize pools ranging as high $100,000

Generally, how long does it take to receive funds after withdrawal?

As soon as a player’s withdrawal request is confirmed, the funds can take approximately 2-5 days to reach you. For a check below $2,000, it takes between two to three weeks to get delivered. E-checks take one to three business days.

Can players link their DFS and DraftKings Sportsbook accounts at DK Indiana?

Yes! If a player already has a DFS account with DraftKings, linking it to the sportsbook account is easy. Upon successful app download, just click on ‘accounts’ and you will see the option to link right there. The beauty of this sync is that the sportsbook site/app and the DFS site/app both share common wallets, although not all the way. As such, a player could make a deposit in DraftKings India DFS, and then move these funds to the sportsbook side. However, bettors will be required to play through the deposit first before they can make the transfer.

The sportsbook platform is right on the website, and easy to access.

DraftKings Indiana General Info

DraftKings first entered the Indiana betting scene through a mobile platform. The sportsbook operates under Ameristar Casino Hotel’s casino license. The platform’s online sportsbook is without a doubt one of the leading legal operators, both in the US and outside the States. Not only does it feature an easy to use website and app, but DraftKings Indiana also features some top-notch betting options, including propositions, teasers, tier parlays, combinations, and live-betting. When it comes to legal sports betting action, DraftKings takes the crown.  

Ever since their expansion into new markets in the United States of America and their foray into new options other than Daily Fantasy Sports wagering, DraftKings Indiana has without a doubt gained in popularity, becoming one of the leading sportsbooks in the country. In addition to DraftKings’ presence in Indiana, you can find them in other states including Iowa, New Hampshire, Colorado, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Illinois, and Tennessee. This sports betting operator also has plans to expand to markets such as Virginia and Michigan in the near future.